5 upcoming free agents the LA Chargers should prioritize the most

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While the main focus of the LA Chargers is the team's current trek towards the playoffs, it is hard to not get excited about the future of the team as well. This operation is only going to get better the longer Justin Herbert and Brandon Staley are together and the Chargers have the most salary-cap space to spend in the offseason.

Before splurging on any big-name free agents, though, the Bolts are going to have to spend some of that salary-cap space on retaining upcoming free agents. That is going to cut into a decent chunk of the salary-cap space but there still should be room to bring in external help.

Here are the five upcoming unrestricted free agents that the LA Chargers should prioritize the most:

1. Kyzir White

Kyzir White is the most important upcoming free agent for the LA Chargers. White has enjoyed a fantastic breakout season in the first year under Brandon Staley and has played himself into a nice contract in the offseason. White probably will end up being a Pro Bowler and should end the season as the team's tackle leader.

White has been solid in both pass coverage and in helping in the run game as well. His instincts as a former safety are on full display and have really helped him succeed in what Staley has done with the defense.

Bringing him back is also really important as Kenneth Murray has not been the kind of player that the Chargers were hoping for. There is some optimism that he could figure it out with an entire extra offseason to learn this defense but the Chargers cannot bank on Murray being even an average inside linebacker next season.

For that reason, bringing back White is a no-brainer. He has been the best player on this defense not named Joey Bosa or Derwin James, which is saying something.