5 free agent wide receivers the Chargers could target even with Mike Williams

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DJ Chark Jr.
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2. D.J. Chark

A 6-foot-4 wide receiver that runs a 4.34 40-yard dash? Sign me up. Chark is blessed with athletic ability, and that alone has made him a great speed threat for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He also has served as a WR1, with him catching 64 passes for 1,008 yards and 8 touchdowns back in 2019.

A player like that is always an asset to the offense, even if his stat sheet doesn't say so. Despite his height, he is not a great contested-catch receiver. He also doesn't have a good release. That combined with a fractured ankle that ended his 2021 season will keep his projected salary modest. PFF projects he will get a 3-year $13.33 million avg/year contract, while Spotrac projects him at 4 years $11.9 million avg/year.

The upside with Chark is immense if the Chargers' staff can help him make the next step in his development, and I believe there is no better decision for his career that Chark can make than come to the Chargers if there is interest.

With his two biggest deficiencies being his release and contested catch ability, he would learn from two of the best at each skill in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams respectively. The Chargers also have a smarter coaching staff than what the Jaguars have had for the last 4 years. They could put Chark in motion and change his alignment to help with his release issues.

At the projected price, Chark would be a steal, as he could give the Chargers a 3-headed monster at the wide receiver room. Or in the case that Williams doesn't stay with the Chargers, Chark has the talent to be a top WR2 and a favorite target for Justin Herbert. Tom Telesco likes tall receivers, and he might take a look at Chark to give Herbert a flashy new weapon.