Why the LA Chargers might not re-sign Uchenna Nwosu this offseason

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Jermaine Johnson II, Walker Parks
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1. There are several really enticing edge rushers to replace Uchenna Nwosu with

Uchenna Nwosu was great in the second half of the 2021 season but if the Chargers can improve from him, especially at a similar or cheaper cost, then that might be the best path to take. As far as free agents go, there are some options to replace Nwosu at a similar price point that would probably be an improvement for the team.

Haason Reddick is probably the best example of someone who is going to make marginally more than Nwosu, is still young, and has a much higher ceiling than the former USC Trojan. The Chargers may very well look at Reddick and prefer to bring him in for $2.5-4 million more than Nwosu.

The bigger opportunity comes in the 2022 NFL Draft. There are some really talented edge rushers that could be available for the Chargers in the first round to replace Nwosu with a much cheaper, controlled asset that is only going to get better over time. Plus, they could be better in year one.

The two edge rushers that could fall to the Bolts at 17 are David Ojabo (less likely) and Jermaine Johnson (more likely). Most outlets have Ojabo ranked as a higher prospect than Johnson, while I personally favor Johnson on the Chargers a bit more. Regardless of who it would be, the Chargers would be getting a dynamic edge rusher that is probably better than Nwosu right away.

Granted, the Chargers would have to address other potential first-round needs (like cornerback) and would have to be committing to taking an edge rusher in round one. If both Ojabo and Johnson are off the board the Bolts could be in a bit of trouble and would have to have a solid plan B.