3 potential LA Chargers free agent targets who don't drop passes

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Braxton Berrios
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WR: Braxton Berrios

Bolt Beat's own Brock Nakamura-Vierra wrote a standalone article explaining why Braxton Berrios should be a free-agent target for the Chargers this offseason. A lot of the same points that he made will be made in this article as well.

Starting with the drops (of course), Berrios finished the 2021 season without a single drop this season in 65 targets. That is a fair number of targets to not drop a pass and his solid season in 2021 brought his career drop percentage to 3.25% and that includes some struggles earlier in his career.

Berrios would be much more than someone who doesn't drop passes. If the Chargers were to pursue Berrios then we would assume that the team did not bring back return specialist Andre Roberts. Roberts was fantastic for the team in 2021 but he does not offer any offensive value to the team.

With some cap space, the Chargers could be looking to replace Roberts with another valuable return man that can also provide on offense as well. Berrios can certainly contribute on special teams considering that he was a special teams All-Pro in 2021.

Despite being an All-Pro, Berrios is not expecting to get a huge contract in 2021. Pro Football Focus projects Berrios to receive a three-year, $20 million contract. While that is a bit much for a special teams player, he would be contributing in the slot as well to play up to that value.

I would not consider Berrios to be a main target for the LA Chargers this offseason but he certainly should not be ruled out.