The 4 best free agents the LA Chargers could pursue from Super Bowl teams

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Sebastian Joseph-Day
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1. Sebastian Joseph-Day

While B.J. Hill would be a great under-the-radar signing, he is still not on the level of Sebastian Joseph-Day for the LA Chargers. The rankings of this article truly do go Joseph-Day, a big gap and then everyone else as the LA Rams defensive tackle is the perfect free agent for the team to sign this offseason.

All the writing is on the wall for the Bolts to sign Joseph-Day this offseason. Joseph-Day is familiar with Brandon Staley from his year in Los Angeles and this would allow him to stay in Los Angeles while also being paid. The Rams are not going to have the money to pay him but the Chargers can.

Joseph-Day is not going to get a massive contract but he should sign for a pretty penny for a defensive tackle. PFF projects Joseph-Day to get a three-year, $30 million contract and that is something that the LA Chargers can absolutely afford. The team would essentially be replacing Linval Joseph with a slightly more expensive player and that is fine.

Joseph-Day is one of the best players in the entire NFL in stopping the run. He recorded a 15.8% run stop rate which was the best in the entire NFL. This was not an anomaly either as Joseph-Day's run-stop rate in 2020 was just over 15%. The guy can reset the line of scrimmage.

The Chargers could completely reinvent the defensive tackle position with the two players on this list, even if the team lets Justin Jones walk in free agency. Joseph-Day would be the big signing, Hill could be the under-the-radar signing that works out great and the team can still draft a defensive tackle in round three of the 2022 NFL Draft.

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Suddenly, the defensive tackle room would be deep and capable of stopping the run. Add Justin Jones to that equation if his price is cheap and it is a wrap.