The 4 best free agents the LA Chargers could pursue from Super Bowl teams

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Von Miller
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4. Von Miller

This is the third time that we have written about Von Miller in some capacity here at Bolt Beat. Those who read my work here (first, thank you!) know that I am not a huge fan of the LA Chargers signing Miller this offseason.

However, the Chargers make so much sense for Miller as a free agent that it is hard to completely rule out the possibility of him coming to the Bolts. Not only is he familiar with Staley from their days in Denver together, but this would allow Miller to stay in Los Angeles and play with one of the best edge rushers in the NFL in Joey Bosa.

With Uchenna Nwosu possibly signing with another team this offseason there is the chance that the Bolts have to replace him at outside linebacker. While Miller is past his prime, he is someone who understands what the Chargers are trying to do and is someone who Staley will trust in the defense.

His tremendous play in the playoffs also makes him a candidate for the LA Chargers. However, it is no secret that Miller is past his prime and is still going to cost a pretty penny. That is the reason why I am not a huge fan of the signing.

But who knows, perhaps there is a chance that Miller takes a discount to stay in LA and reunite with Brandon Staley. If that happens then it would not be that bad of a signing.