3 free-agent signings the Chargers should make after restructuring Khalil Mack

Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons
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Cordarrelle Patterson
Detroit Lions v Atlanta Falcons / Chris Thelen/GettyImages

3. Sign Cordarrelle Patterson

Cordarrelle Patterson had a breakout season for the Atlanta Falcons and would be such a great addition for the LA Chargers. Patterson was a Swiss Army Knife for the Falcons last season and produced in both the running and passing game for Atlanta.

Patterson would accomplish multiple things for the Bolts which is why it makes sense to bring him in. First, he would give the team a solid veteran running back who can take some hand-offs in the backfield and relieve some of the pressure from Austin Ekeler. The depth of the running back room has been awful the last two seasons behind Ekeler.

Second, Patterson would give the team another weapon in the passing game that could come out of the backfield or even line up as a traditional receiver. Having that versatility would be huge for the Bolts not only for extra depth, but because Patterson had some of the surest hands in the sport last season and is a YAC weapon for the team.

And let's not forget that he can help in the return game. Andre Roberts was great for the team last year but the Bolts very well could be looking for a return man that can impact the offensive side of the ball as well.

Patterson's market may not be as deep as expected as he was originally projected to get a two-year, $12 million contract. The price could be slightly lower than that but even if it isn't, the Chargers can afford to fit Patterson for that remaining $5 million.

The Bolts can guarantee $8 million of the $12 million, paying him $5 million guaranteed this year for a $5 million cap hit with $3 million guaranteed next year. His cap hit in 2023 would be $7 million but if things do not work out, the Chargers could cut him and only have to take on $3 million in dead cap space.

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Patterson has ties both to Brandon Staley and new special teams coordinator Ryan Ficken. Unless the Chargers simply don't like Patterson or another team comes over the top with a big offer, Patterson to LA makes too much sense.