3 free-agent signings the Chargers should make after restructuring Khalil Mack

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The LA Chargers traded a 2022 second-round pick and 2023 sixth-round pick to the Chicago Bears for Khalil Mack. The reason why the price for Mack was so cheap was that the Bears were trying to get off of Mack's contract and the Chargers had the space to absorb it.

While the Bolts easily could have afforded Mack's deal, the team has restructured his deal to create more salary-cap space this offseason. According to ESPN's Field Yates, the Bolts converted $13.5 million of Mack's pay in 2022 to a signing bonus, freeing up $9 million in the process.

The Chargers had around $5 million more to spend in free agency and this newfound $9 million will allow the team to make several depth signings for the roster. It is unlikely that they spend all $9 million in one place with the current status of the market and the remaining needs of the team.

There are several things the LA Chargers can do with the newfound $9 million.

The Chargers may not end up making all of these deals but there are several free agents worth considering with this newfound cap space. If it were up to us, there are three signings that the team would make with this $9 million.

Let's break down these moves, why they make sense, and how much it would likely cost for the Bolts.