5 replacements if Mike Williams leaves the LA Chargers

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Jameson Williams
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3. Jameson Williams

There are several things that must happen for the LA Chargers to take a wide receiver with the 17th overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft but if those things happen then Jameson Williams might be the team's target with the pick.

Williams is a popular pick among the fan base right now because of what he would bring the Chargers. While it is obviously really hard to find, the Chargers have lacked that speedster receiver that can pick up yards after the catch, like a Tyreek Hill. Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Joshua Palmer do not fit that mold.

Jameson Williams does fit that mold. He is a potentially elite college prospect who could theoretically come in his rookie season and give the Chargers exactly what they need. He would arguably be a better fit as a WR2 behind Keenan Allen while also giving the team a young, future WR1 to lean on as Allen starts to get older.

There is just one big hang-up in this entire thing: Williams' knee. Williams tore his ACL in the National Championship Game and that is a really concerning injury. While he should be able to recover no problem, the Chargers would be without their first-round pick for a good portion of the 2022 season and the team is in a position to win now.

Plus, Tom Telesco is not someone who drafts guys with recent injuries very often. Sure, Mike Williams and Derwin James had injury history in college but neither were literally coming off of an injury that they suffered in their last game played.