5 replacements if Mike Williams leaves the LA Chargers

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Davante Adams
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1. Davante Adams

This is the most obvious name and we just have to get it out of the way in the beginning. Davante Adams would be much more than a replacement for Mike Williams, he would be an upgrade as Adams is the best receiver in the league that is not named Cooper Kupp.

Adams is coming off of yet another elite season with the Green Bay Packers and his future with the team is unclear. After falling short in the NFC Divisional Round, the small bit of hope that Aaron Rodgers would return has likely faded. The Packers are likely turning the page over to Jordan Love.

It should be in the Packers' best interest to retain Adams but the star receiver has already said that Rodgers' future will be a deciding factor in his future. Granted, the Packers could always slap the franchise tag on Adams but they are already so far over the salary cap for next season that they might not actually make that move.

The path to Adams becoming available on the market is much clearer and there is not a better team to sign with than the LA Chargers. The Chargers have the money to pay Adams $23-25 million a year and they are the best team among those with a lot of cap space. If Adams cares about winning, he is picking the Chargers over the Jaguars, Dolphins or Jets.