3 reasons why the LA Chargers should let Mike Williams walk after 2021

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3. There is someone else the LA Chargers should spend money on

The LA Chargers need receiving help next season and the answer isn't Mike Williams. While a lot of fans like to blame Joe Lombardi for some of the bad games by the Chargers offense, the fact of the matter is that Justin Herbert does not have that great of weapons. Keenan Allen is obviously elite as is Austin Ekeler but Ekeler can only do so much as a dual-threat back. Aside from Allen, Herbert has Williams, who cannot get open against man, Jalen Guyton and Joshua Palmer.

It has been bad, to say the least. The team needs some receiving help and while Palmer should take a leap in year two the team needs more than just that. They need to make a splashy signing with all of the rolled-over cap from this season. They should sign Davante Adams.

This is a move that would truly make the Chargers a Super Bowl contender as it would give one of the best young quarterbacks in the league two elite wide receivers. If the Chargers can utilize the draft and the rest of the cap space to build up both lines then they would be in business for a deep run in 2022.

Adams is going to cost more than Williams but the investment would be worth it for the Bolts. Why pay Mike Williams a top-tier receiver salary when they can probably pay Adams $5 million more per season? If they are going to spend that much, they might as well spend on a true WR1 in Adams.

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Now, the LA Chargers would run the risk of not getting either receiver, but quite frankly, Williams might not even be worth the $17-20 million salary he will get paid on his new deal because of the reasons already outlined.