3 edge rushers the LA Chargers can still sign in free agency

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3. Trey Flowers

If you are looking for the signing that has the biggest potential impact then look no further than Trey Flowers. While all three players on this list were once really good and have since fallen off a tad, Flowers is the one that has the highest ceiling if he does return close to what he was before.

However, he might be the least likely on this list to return to his old form. Flowers has been unable to escape the injury bug the last two seasons and it has really hampered his play. The two-time Super Bowl Champion has played just seven games in each of the last two seasons and was not particularly amazing in the games he did play.

That being said, Flowers is still only 28 years old and if he can get the health right then he could be an overqualified depth piece that pushes this defensive line over the top. Talented and deep defensive lines are so important to success in today's NFL and if the Chargers get 70% of the Flowers that played three years ago then they are in great shape.

At his best, Flowers is someone who can make an impact both against the pass and the run. He was a well-above-average pass-rusher when he was with the New England Patriots and was one of the best run defenders on the edge in the entire league.

Having that dynamic would be great for the Chargers as they can not only use him as a rotational piece on early downs but could also give him pass-rush snaps. We all saw how effective Bosa was against guards last season and the doors that a healthy Flowers could open is scary.

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The Lions released Flowers after placing him on the IR last season and with him still being unsigned in May, it is safe to say that he is not going to come at a premium cost in the slightest.