3 edge rushers the LA Chargers can still sign in free agency

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K.J. Wright
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2. K.J. Wright

K.J. Wright is someone who we targeted as a potential depth signing for the LA Chargers last offseason but he ultimately signed a one-year deal with the Las Vegas Raiders. Now, Wright is still on the market and can be had for cheap and the Chargers could bring him in to have a very similar impact as Barr would have.

Wright does not have any real value as a pass-rusher, especially coming off of the edge. However, the team is seemingly expecting Rumph to have the value as a rotational pass-rusher, so getting someone like Wright or Barr could be beneficial.

Like Barr, Wright is someone who can drop into coverage and man up a running back or tight end and hold his own. He is not overly athletic and is not going to do well against the burners at the position, but as a depth piece, he can more than hold his own.

Wright is also someone who plays well against the run, which is important for the LA Chargers. The Chargers have bolstered the run defense this offseason and if they going to be successful in executing Brandon Staley's defensive vision then they need to be better on first down.

Not only can Wright play outside linebacker on run downs, but he can play in the box as well. There are several other options ahead of White in that regard but having another option to play inside does not hurt the team in the slightest. According to Pro Football Focus, Wright played 145 snaps on the defensive line and 231 in the box last season.