3 free agents the LA Chargers could steal from the Denver Broncos

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3. Bobby Massie

Bobby Massie is by no means the best right tackle for the LA Chargers to pursue in free agency. There are several quality right tackles that would be a better signing than Massie but I would not completely rule out Massie being the signing for multiple reasons.

First of all, Massie is a veteran of the league and has just about as much experience as you can get as a right tackle. While he was never one of the best tackles in the league, he has consistently been an average right tackle at worst. His veteran presence would be a welcome thing if the Chargers draft another mid-round tackle to develop.

The second reason is the cost. While the Chargers have a lot of cap space to spend most of that is going to be spent on premier positions. With one big contract on the offensive line in Corey Linsley, I am not sure if the team commits to signing another veteran offensive lineman for a big deal.

The best thing for the team to do is draft and develop a right tackle. If they can get a quality first-round tackle in the NFL Draft then that would be great. However, we have no idea what the team values and it very well could be the case that the Bolts do not like any of the potential options that will be on the board at 17.

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If they do then they probably don't sign any right tackle and go into the draft committing to right tackle in the first round. However, if there is even an ounce of doubt (even if they like someone) then they might sign a cheap right tackle like Massie as a security blanket if they don't get the person they like in the draft.