3 free agents the LA Chargers could steal from the Denver Broncos

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2. Bryce Callahan

Bryce Callahan is in a very similar situation that Fuller is in. While Callahan never had the ceiling that Fuller had as one of the best cornerbacks in the league, he too is a former defensive back from the Chicago Bears that has not increased his value with the Denver Broncos. He is just a few months older than Fuller as well as Callahan will be turning 31 in October.

Like Fuller, if Callahan is the big signing that the LA Chargers make this offseason then this offseason is a disappointment. The Bolts need a lot more help than just Callahan in the secondary. Plus, the Chargers also should not be in the business of giving him a multi-year deal. If his price is higher than a one-year deal for $3-6 million then the Chargers should be passing.

There are some injury concerns with Callahan. The veteran defensive back played just 10 games in the 2020 season and 11 games in 2021 after suffering a knee injury.

The best-case scenario with Callahan would be the Chargers getting a slot cornerback that they feel comfortable playing nearly every snap. However, I would still be cautious with Callahan because of his age and his injury history. Quite frankly, the Chargers should be bringing in one, if not two, more cornerbacks to the fold to give Callahan a smaller role that he can thrive in.

Callahan can still offer something positive in a rotational role where his spots are picked. If he is the team's every-down slot cornerback in 2022 then something went wrong.