3 free agents the LA Chargers could steal from the Denver Broncos

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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1. Kyle Fuller

Kyle Fuller is someone who seemed to be a target for the LA Chargers last offseason. While there was no official confirmation that the Bolts were pursuing the cornerback, he made perfect sense for this defense and the team had the money to spend on him.

Instead, Fuller signed a one-year deal with the Broncos and played terribly. Fuller really dropped off in production with the Broncos and by the end of the year was not even getting a starting role. He now hits free agency with his value much lower than it was last year after such a bad season.

That could be a red flag for the Chargers but it could also be an area of opportunity. The Chargers can try and scoop Fuller up for depth and if the Fuller of old shows up then it is going to be one of the best value signings for any team. In a perfect world, Fuller would provide quality slot corner depth while also being versatile, which is key for Brandon Staley's secondary.

Fuller just recently turned 30 and while that is the age in which cornerbacks typically regress, there is still no harm in signing him to a small, one-year deal. If the Chargers sign him to a deal that is similar to Chris Harris Jr's old deal then that would be a massive mistake. However, if they sign him to a one-year deal similar to what Casey Hayward Jr got from the Las Vegas Raiders then it could be a home run.

Hayward showed that sometimes a good corner just has a bad year and all they need is a change of scenery. Fuller has connections with Staley from his time with the Bears and could view the Chargers as a launching off pad for his value, signing a cheap one-year deal with the team.