4 free agent running backs the Chargers could sign to back up Austin Ekeler

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Jeff Wilson Jr.
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4. Jeff Wilson

Jeff Wilson was part of a potent San Francisco 49ers running game in 2021 but he did not get as many opportunities as he probably would have liked in a contract year. Every time Wilson got a chance to carry the ball he did well for the 49ers. The backfield was just crowded with guys ahead of Wilson.

Elijah Mitchell got more reps than Wilson did and towards the end of the season and in the playoffs, the team started to use Deebo Samuel in the backfield to get him the football. The 49ers have always been a next-man-up team and there is no doubt that they will let Wilson walk and find someone to replace him.

Wilson might have the highest ceiling of the four options in this article. I really liked what I saw out of Wilson when he actually got the reps and he would be fantastic as an interchangeable back with Austin Ekeler.

Wilson is not going to get a starting job anywhere and the Chargers would give him a good opportunity to play in an offense that can show off his skill set and give him a proper role as a backup running back. Brandon Staley monitors Ekeler's reps carefully and Wilson will get plenty of looks if he were to come to LA.

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If the Chargers get Wilson's 2020 production out of him in 2022 then it would be a win. Wilson carried the ball for 600 yards in 2020, averaging 4.8 yards per carry, and found the endzone seven times.