4 free agent running backs the Chargers could sign to back up Austin Ekeler

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3. Alex Collins

Alex Collins is one of several Seattle Seahawks running backs to hit free agency this offseason and even though he is not going to get paid much, it would be shocking to see him return to Seattle in 2022. Spotrac only estimates Collins to get a one-year, $1.2 million contract, putting him right in the Chargers' ballpark.

There is a world in which Justin Jackson gets an offer that is slightly too rich for the Chargers to justify and they instead turn to an experienced back like Collins on a cheap, one-year deal. While Collins' recent numbers have not been great, he has shown in the past that he has potential as a talented halfback.

With the Ravens in 2017, Collins carried the ball 212 times for 973 yards and six touchdowns. His yardage went down the following season but he still found the endzone on the ground seven times.

Collins had a minor injury and some COVID-19 setbacks late in the 2021 season that put him on the IR but there is nothing to be concerned about from the Chargers' point of view. He should be good to go in 2022 and while he is not my no. 1 choice to back up Ekeler, there are certainly worse options than the 27-year-old running back.