Why the LA Chargers don't have to fear Russell Wilson at all

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J.C. Jackson
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3. The LA Chargers' defense is built for success

The LA Chargers were one of the worst defensive teams in the league last season and those that have not followed the team closely may expect that to be the same next season. While the Chargers added the likes of J.C. Jackson and Khalil Mack, the smaller names that the team added are just as important.

The most important thing that the Chargers did defensively this offseason was not adding Jackson or Mack. It was building a defense that is more in line with the style of football that Brandon Staley wants to play.

The Chargers simply could not execute Staley's vision because the run defense was horrible (causing more players to play in the box) and the depth in the secondary was atrocious. So what did the team do? It completely rebuilt the defensive line and added several new faces to the secondary. Both areas have an additional blue-chipper in Jackson and Mack.

If the Chargers had the same defensive outlook as last season (or had the same defensive outlook as the Raiders have this year) then they should be worried about Wilson torching them and forcing Justin Herbert to play hero ball once more.

However, this defense is going to keep the Chargers in every single game and even though they play some really good quarterbacks in 2022, they don't have to worry because Staley's defensive vision should finally take effect.

And if we are believing in Staley then we have to believe that the defense will jump to being a top-10 defense in the league.