Why the LA Chargers should be the favorites to win the AFC West

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. The LA Chargers have a slightly easier remaining schedule

Both teams have pretty easy schedules the rest of the way so we cannot sit here and talk about how the Chiefs are going to have to go through a gauntlet in order to finish with the same record as the Chargers. All things considered, the Chargers and Chiefs have two of the easiest schedules remaining.

That being said, the Chiefs' schedule is ever so slightly more difficult because of an opponent they play that the Chargers already beat: the Pittsburgh Steelers. While the Steelers are not a great team, they are a well-coached team that has given multiple playoff teams a tough game. The Chargers caught them with a lot of injuries. That might not happen for KC.

The Chiefs have the Broncos twice, the Raiders, Chargers, Bengals and Steelers. Three of those six games are on the road against the Chargers, Bengals and one against the Broncos. After beating the Chiefs earlier this year, the Chargers have the advantage of getting to play at home late in the season.

Meanwhile, the Chargers have the Broncos twice, Raiders, Chiefs, Bengals and Giants. The schedules are virtually identical with the lone difference being that the Chargers have the Giants while the Chiefs have the Steelers.

Throw in the fact that the head-to-head matchup is in LA and the Chargers definitely have the advantage schedule-wise. And while the Bolts have been far from perfect this year, the Chiefs might end up having multiple losses in the final six games because of our third and final reason.