3 Raiders that the Chargers can exploit to win and make the playoffs on Sunday

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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Dallin Leavitt
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3. Dallin Leavitt

The Las Vegas Raiders are dealing with injuries in the secondary and heading into this game against the Chargers the secondary is extremely thin. Not only are they forced to give Brandon Facyson a prominent role at cornerback but the team has had to turn to the extremely inexperienced Dallin Leavitt to play a big number of snaps at safety.

This is part of the reason why the Chargers should be able to take care of business against the Raiders. Not only have the Chargers been averaging almost two more touchdowns per game than the Raiders over the last nine games but they are coming up against a Raiders team that is really thin. Throw in the fact that Herbert is very familiar with this defense and it could be a disaster for the Raiders.

Leavitt was signed as an undrafted free agent back in 2018 and did not play much in his rookie season. While he has been with the team on an almost full-time basis since 2019, he has only been a special teams player and is not someone who has gotten snaps at safety.

However, he has had to get those snaps recently by necessity and the Chargers need to take advantage. He has not had a downright horrible game yet for the Raiders but the Chargers need to exploit that. Not only can they exploit Facyson, but they can really try to exploit Leavitt over the top with some deep routes.

Leavitt is a practice squad-caliber safety that is going to be tasked with playing some big snaps in the biggest game of the year. And if he is not out there on the field it will be former Charger Roderic Teamer, who no Charger fan should be afraid of.

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There really is no excuse for the offense to struggle as they come up against this battered secondary. As long as the Bolts do not shoot themselves in the foot, they should score a lot of points in this game.