3 Raiders that the Chargers can exploit to win and make the playoffs on Sunday

Miami Dolphins v Las Vegas Raiders
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Antonio Gibson, Brandon Facyson
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2. Brandon Facyson

Fans of the LA Chargers are familiar with Brandon Facyson as he is one of several former Chargers players that Gus Bradley poached to put on his defense in Vegas. While Facyson has been missed because he is better than the other depth options that the Chargers have, he is not someone who should be starting and playing big snaps at corner.

Fortunately for the Chargers, the Raiders are banged up and that is exactly what is going to happen. Facyson is going to start at outside corner and man the position for most of the game and it presents a chance to really exploit him in the same ways that he was exploited as a Charger.

Whether it is Keenan Allen or Mike Williams, the Chargers are going to have a significant mismatch in the secondary and Justin Herbert needs to take full advantage. We don't need to see him targeting Jared Cook so much and he does not even have to spread the ball around. Go after Facyson and make that the number one look in just about every passing play.

Facyson really has not improved much in leaving the Chargers for the Raiders. In 326 coverage snaps, he has been targeted 58 times, allowing 34 completions for 438 yards and five touchdowns. Opposing quarterbacks have a 104 passer rating when targeting Facyson this season.

Facyson was actually still a member of the Chargers when these two teams squared off the first time as he was on the practice squad. Two days after the Chargers beat the Raiders, Vegas claimed Facyson and has used him in a somewhat prominent role since.