Why the LA Chargers will inevitably trade down in the 2022 NFL Draft

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3. The LA Chargers are in the perfect spot for quarterback-hungry teams

The quarterback class this year is not as good as recent years but there are still teams who are looking to add a quarterback in the 2022 NFL Draft. With the class not being as talented as previous years, the chances of a team trading up to the top-10 seems slim with the cost that would come with it.

Instead, these quarterback-hungry teams will probably wait until the mid first-round to try and make a move, putting them right in the Chargers' range. The best thing for the Chargers is not that they pick 17th, though, it is that the New Orleans Saints pick 18th.

The Saints are a wild-card and even if Jameis Winston returns to the team they are likely going to be looking for a quarterback in the first round. If there is someone on the board who teams love, like Malik Willis, then it becomes imperative to jump the Saints and the Chargers are the cheapest route to do that.

The Steelers are the first trade partner to target as they have the 20th overall pick. The Bolts could probably get a third-round pick out of the Steelers for moving down just three spots, and after the Steelers and Saints take quarterbacks, the same prospect will likely be available at 20.

There is also the possibility of trading even further down and picking up more capital. The Indianapolis Colts do not have a first-round pick nor a quarterback at this point in time. If they really sweeten the offer, the Chargers could move all the way to the second.

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There are options for the Chargers and those options can force other teams to get into bidding wars for that selection.