Why the LA Chargers will inevitably trade down in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Jordan Davis
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2. There is not a clear-cut target for the Chargers at 17

Of course, if a top-10 prospect falls to the Bolts with the 17th overall pick then the team may have no other option but to take that player. That is definitely possible and it has happened before, but based on how the draft is likely going to shake out, there really is not a clear-cut target for the team at 17.

Jordan Davis would probably be the "most obvious" pick for the Chargers at 17 but he does not really make much sense with the moves the team has made. Plus, using the 17th overall pick on someone who was on a snap count at Georgia and may only play 25 snaps a game is less than ideal, regardless of how good he is against the run.

The reality is that unless one of those premium players fall to 17, the Bolts will be able to move down in the draft order and get the same impact out of whoever they draft, whether it is three picks later or 10 picks later.

Quite frankly, the positions of need for the Bolts at 17 are all late first-round, early second-round prospects. Instead of reaching for someone who might be available 10 picks later, it makes far more sense to move down for a team that is more desperate for that 17th pick.

But will there be teams that are desperate? Absolutely. The Chargers are in the perfect selection, which brings us to our final point.