4 solid prospects that got extremely close to falling to the LA Chargers

2022 NFL Draft - Round 1
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Travis Jones
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2. Travis Jones, third round

Oh hey, it is the Baltimore Ravens again. With the 79th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft the LA Chargers selected JT Woods. However, it would not be surprising if the Bolts were eye-balling a different defensive prospect in the third round as Travis Jones almost fell to the team, going instead with the 76th pick to the Baltimore Ravens.

Jones was one of the most highly-touted interior defensive linemen in the draft and many expected him to be an early second-round pick in the draft. Heck, some draft analysts even gave Jones a first-round grade, which is why it was so shocking to see him fall all the way to the third round.

If Jones was still on the board with the 79th pick then I would be shocked if the Chargers passed on him. Granted, they passed on DeMarvin Leal in favor of Woods but they still reached a bit for Woods in the third round.

Plus, Jones is similar in style to Otito Ogbonnia wheras Leal did not have a lock-solid position and showed some inconsistencies in the draft. Jones is essentially a much better version of Ogbonnia, leading us to believe that the team would have taken him here in the third round, opening up the fourth and fifth round for other picks.

And hey, who knows, in a perfect world perhaps the Chargers still end up getting Woods in the fourth round and they draft a different running back (like Ty Chandler) in the fifth round. I was not a huge fan of the team taking Isaiah Spiller in the fourth and perhaps that would have changed if a certain someone fell.