3 receivers we hope fall to the Chargers in the fourth round on Saturday

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Noah Tumblin, Khalil Shakir
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3. Khalil Shakir

Khalil Shakir does not have the same top-end speed that Austin and Melton have and based on his 4.43 40-yard dash, it may not seem like the Chargers would be truly adding speed to the receiver room by taking Shakir.

The speed would be a different form of speed, though. Shakir is not someone who is going to burn corners on go routes. However, he can still be a deep-field threat because of his acceleration and shiftiness as a receiver.

Whether it is underneath routes or over the top, Shakir is a good route-runner who utilizes quick-twitch movements to create separation. He is obviously not slow and can make the most of that separation once he gets it.

Shakir is someone who is bound to play in the slot in the NFL level and the Chargers could utilize him in similar ways that they could theoretically utilize Calvin Austin. Again, he does not have the same top-end speed but he is also six-foot-tall instead of five-eight.

What makes Shakir a potential fit for the Chargers is his leadership qualities. It is no secret that the Chargers target players who have good character and possess good leadership qualities. Shakir has all the leadership qualities of a typical Chargers pick, with an AFC personnel director telling Lance Zierlein of NFL.com:

"Better person than player and he is a hell of a player. You have to make your focus all the things he does well because he's going to keep doing them as a pro."

Maybe that AFC personnel director was someone connected to the LA Chargers with how much they love high-character players.