3 receivers we hope fall to the Chargers in the fourth round on Saturday

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The LA Chargers have not yet taken a wide receiver in the 2022 NFL Draft and are likely going to take a receiver with one of eight picks on day three of the draft. With four compensatory picks, the Bolts are in a prime position to trade up and get an extra fourth-round pick but the Bolts may not even need that if a certain receiver falls to them at 123.

The Chargers have the 18th pick in the fourth round on Saturday and with some talented receivers still on the board, it would not be shocking at all if that was the selection. Of course, if nobody who the Chargers grade highly falls then they will look elsewhere. But with the receivers remaining, that feels like the most-likely fourth-round pick.

With that in mind, here are three receivers we hope fall to the LA Chargers at 123:

1. Calvin Austin III

Calvin Austin III was someone who we thought the LA Chargers would have to take in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft. The team ultimately did not do that as they took JT Woods and no other team ended up taking Austin in the third round.

Austin is small and he is going to be pigeonholed as a slot receiver, which explains why he is falling in the draft despite his insanely impressive performance at the NFL Combine. Teams who don't need pure speed are not going to rate Austin as highly.

That is exactly what the Chargers need to add to the receiver room and slot receiver is the one area that the team can add to. While Keenan Allen can play in the slot, Joshua Palmer is not a perfect fit there and getting a speedster that can not only take the top off the defense but can work underneath as well will open things up for the other receivers.

If Austin was there at 123 I would be shocked if the team passed on him but then again, this entire draft has been shocking.