LA Chargers: Top 3 positions to address in the first round

Los Angeles Chargers v Philadelphia Eagles
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The 2022 NFL Draft is just over a month away and the LA Chargers still have three key positions to fill as we head into the deep water of the offseason.

Top positions for the LA Chargers to pursue in the first round: 3. Defensive Tackle

The first one I'm going to address is defensive tackle and/or run-stopping as the least important of the three at this moment.

It's crazy how much changes in as little as a month because in February, I came out with LA Chargers: 5 essential moves that need t be made this offseason and I was very much on board with the Bolts drafting Georgia defensive tackle, Jordan Davis, at 17.

But now, after signing two underrated interior defensemen in Austin Johnson and Sebastian Joseph-Day, I'd argue the need for a defensive tackle takes a back seat to the next two positions on my list here.

It actually makes more sense at this point to improve the run defense in the inside linebacker department than at defensive tackle, even though Jordan Davis is a stud.

If the Bolts still want to go Davis at 17, I certainly won't be complaining. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. I want this defensive line to be as stacked as possible so our boy Justin Herbert can actually have a defense behind him this season.

But in terms of "need" at this very moment, I just believe there are two bigger positional needs the Chargers are lacking at now that DT has been addressed already.