2 former Justin Herbert teammates that the LA Chargers could draft

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The LA Chargers hit the biggest home run possible in the 2020 NFL Draft by selecting Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick. The Miami Dolphins decided to take Tua Tagovailoa over Herbert and the rest has been history. Herbert has had the best two-year start to any quarterback's career and has already set the franchise record for passing yards, completions and touchdowns in a single season.

Unfortunately, the Chargers have not been able to turn that into success. Herbert's first season was dysfunctional with Anthony Lynn not running a tight ship and the Bolts constantly throwing games away. Year two was better but the Chargers still could not get over the hump with some key losses in the second half of the season that resulted in the team missing the playoffs.

A big reason why the second season did not result in a playoff berth was the quality of depth on the team. The 2019 draft class has been a dud overall and the 2020 class (outside of Herbert, of course) is borderline fireable. That is why it is even more important for the Chargers to have a good 2022 NFL Draft class if they are going to capitalize on this potential Super Bowl window.

To do so, perhaps the LA Chargers draft two of Justin Herbert's former teammates.

Drafting an Oregon Duck was the best thing that the Chargers could have done and there are two more Oregon Ducks in this draft class that could improve the Chargers. Neither of these players are premier prospects at their position but they still could make a positive impact on next year's team.

Let's dive into the two former Justin Herbert teammates that the LA Chargers could draft in the 2022 NFL Draft.