3 things that must happen for the Chargers to draft a first-round wide receiver

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J.C. Jackson
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2. The LA Chargers sign an impact corner in free agency

One of the biggest needs that the LA Chargers should address this offseason is the cornerback position. While the secondary struggled to stay healthy and the starting unit hardly played together, the team still needs to make an improvement if it is going to make a run in the playoffs in the future.

We can talk all we want about how the Chargers might need more weapons to keep up with the Chiefs and Bills after seeing the Divisional Round playoff game. What the team needs arguably more than that is depth in the secondary that gives them a chance of stopping them.

The Chargers have the potential to become a really deep team in the secondary if they just make that one impact addition as well. Michael Davis is fine but he did take a small step back in 2021. He proved that he is probably suited more to be a CB2 than a CB1, which is fine. Asante Samuel Jr. has potential but with his concussions in his rookie year, we did not see enough to trust in him to make a big leap in year two.

What the Chargers need is a true CB1. Whether that is in the draft or free agency, the secondary would suddenly have a great outlook with Davis and Samuel sliding down the depth chart and the team getting an impact corner.

If the Chargers are not spending at receiver then they would have to be spending somewhere and the one big signing the team makes could be on someone like J.C. Jackson. If so, receiver in round one makes much more sense.