3 things that must happen for the Chargers to draft a first-round wide receiver

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1. The LA Chargers don't re-sign Mike Williams, or any big-name free agent for that matter

You could certainly make the case that the LA Chargers could still use a receiver like Jameson Williams if the team had Mike Williams as well. It definitely would bring a new dynamic that is not present with Keenan Allen and Mike Williams and would give the Chargers a very dangerous offense.

It is great on paper and while I am sure it is effective, there are other team needs that the Bolts have to consider first. If the Chargers commit to paying Williams (which is the most likely outcome) or even franchise tagging him then there are other areas that the Bolts need to address early in the 2022 NFL Draft.

We all know that offense is not the problem in LA. Even with all of the drops on the offensive side of the ball, the Chargers were still an elite offensive team that was held back by the defense. Having Williams, Allen and a second-year Joshua Palmer is solid. Add in a receiving tight end like David Njoku to replace Jared Cook and we are suddenly in business.

However, if the Bolts do not re-sign Williams or sign any of the other big-name receivers then there is more of a reason for the Chargers to make this selection. The team would need a WR2 in the offense and would be hoping to find someone who can bridge the gap as Allen gets in his older years.

Plus, if the Chargers are not spending close to $20 million on a receiver then that means that they would be spending on another position, which brings us to the second point.