3 2021 NFL Draft decisions the Chargers would change with a time machine

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1. Khalil Herbert instead of Larry Rountree with the 198th overall pick

The LA Chargers swung and missed on selecting Joshua Kelley in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft (that is still disgusting to write nearly two years later) and to help remedy that they doubled-down by taking Larry Rountree in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft. At least it wasn't a fourth-round pick after not having a single selection in day two.

However, the Chargers picked the wrong guy and it was relatively obvious when the selection was made. The Bolts took Rountree higher than most big boards and mocks had him going and passed on a selection of running backs. Personally, I loved Gerrid Doaks (who was drafted in the seventh round by Miami and did not play this season) but there was another really popular option: Khalil Herbert. Herbert was drafted 19 picks later by the Chicago Bears.

The Chargers could have had the Herbert-Herbert connection and there is no doubt that Herbert would have been a much better pick than Rountree. In fact, Herbert was so good in the chances that he did get as a rookie that the Chargers would have probably been comfortable with him being the RB2 in 2022.

Herbert had four games where he operated as the starter for the Bears as David Montgomery was out with an injury. The Bears' running game did not miss a step at all as Herbert averaged 86 yards per game. He also flexed some of his abilities as a receiving back with nine catches in 10 targets, although those only went for 44 yards.

It is not even a guarantee that Rountree is on the roster next season. Meanwhile, Herbert is going to blossom into one of the best young backs in the league.