3 bold predictions for the LA Chargers in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Bo Melton
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3. The LA Chargers trade for an additional fourth-round pick

So I just mentioned that the LA Chargers would take two cornerbacks and a safety with the team's 10 picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. In reality, I would expect the Chargers to have eight or nine picks in the draft with the team moving into the fourth round to get a prospect who they really like in this range.

Trading for fourth-round picks are not as difficult as it seems and the Bolts can easily make it happen in a multitude of ways. LA is going to want to keep its fourth-round pick in this year's draft, so packaging that with a sixth-round pick (something that Tampa Bay did) does not make much sense.

The first way that the Bolts could do this is by trading next year's fourth-round pick with a pick in the sixth and seventh round. If you find the right team that does not rate a prospect very highly in the fourth round they will take this deal. The Minnesota Vikings traded their fifth-round pick in 2020 to get a fourth in 2021, so this kind of trade has happened.

The Chargers could also just trade their fifth-round pick and their first sixth-round pick for a fourth-round pick. Last year, the Jets traded pick 143 for picks 162 and 200. Maybe we see a team like the Dolphins, who have two fourth-round picks, trade pick 125 for pick 160 and 195. The values do not totally line up on the NFL Trade Value Chart, but they are close enough.

Regardless of what round the team takes, with multiple corners being selected and some interesting prospects in the fourth round, I would bet on the Chargers adding another pick, especially if someone like Bo Melton is on the board.