3 bold predictions for the LA Chargers in the 2022 NFL Draft

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Michael Davis
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2. The LA Chargers take at least two cornerbacks and three defensive backs in total

The LA Chargers' biggest addition this offseason was Pro Bowl corner J.C. Jackson, whose contract is continuing to look more and more like a steal with the other contracts that cornerbacks are signing this offseason.

While the Bolts made a massive addition to the cornerback room, there is no chance that the team is done adding corners. It won't just be one corner in the 2022 NFL Draft, either. The Bolts are going to take at least two corners and one safety with their 10 selections in the draft.

Regardless of if it is Derek Stingley, another first-rounder like Trent McDuffie, or a third-round pick like Marcus Jones, the Bolts will double up at the cornerback position as the team needs depth. If the Bolts are going to build the defense that Staley envisions then they are going to have to draft multiple cornerbacks.

The depth outside of the top three is still pretty thin on the depth chart and the Chargers may no longer be high on Michael Davis. With Nasir Adderley entering a contract year and Asante Samuel Jr. still being an unfinished product, adding more depth to the secondary is key for LA.

As far as the safety selection goes, I would expect the team to draft someone who showcases versatility. I doubt Brandon Staley is going to take a safety that can only play in traditional two-high looks and instead wants someone he could move around the defense in certain spots.