3 positions the Chargers should target in free agency after 2022 NFL Draft

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1. Cornerback

As mentioned, the LA Chargers drafted three defensive backs in the 2022 NFL Draft, which goes with Brandon Staley's M-O as a head coach. Staley values a deep and versatile secondary that can play a lot of nickel and dime and by adding three defensive backs, the Chargers added more pieces to the equation.

That being said, who the team selected is not going to have a massive impact in 2022. First, the Bolts drafted JT Woods, an athletic ballhawk who can play in the team's two-high safety scheme and adds speed to the back end of the defense. Woods is essentially the third safety on the roster and opens up Derwin James to play STAR and move around the defense.

Woods will have an impact but it is important that we do not overestimate his first-year impact. He is a third-round rookie, after all, who was projected to go in the fourth. He has the skills to make himself a great NFL player, but it is going to take time.

The other two selections, Ja'Sir Taylor and Deane Leonard, were taken in the sixth and seventh round. Both guys were projected to be undrafted and it was clear that Staley and co. liked both prospects enough to draft them. While they both have intriguing athletic traits, they are not going to come in and be hugely impactful this season.

As it stands right now, Tevaughn Campbell is still the fourth-best cornerback on the roster and that is not a position the team wants to be in. There are still some decent cornerback options on the market that can be signed for cheap. Some of which, Kyle Fuller, have ties to Brandon Staley.