3 rostered LA Chargers players who don't deserve another season in 2022

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Gabe Nabers
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3. Gabe Nabers

Whether or not Gabe Nabers is on the team in 2022 is likely going to depend on what else the LA Chargers do this offseason. The full back position is not nearly as important in today's game as it was even 15 years ago and some teams do not have a fullback altogether.

I am a fan of having a fullback on the roster and the Chargers should not completely punt on the position. That being said, Nabers has not done anything to wow me as the fullback and is a replacement-level player at best. Unfortunately for him, the Bolts have someone who played really well when he got fullback reps last season: Stephen Anderson.

Anderson is a free agent this offseason and there is the chance that he signs with another team to get a bigger role to up his free-agent value. If he stays though, the Chargers could use him as a hybrid tight end/fullback as he really showed some promise coming out of the backfield.

Anderson is a good blocker, is good in the pass game with limited routes and is someone who fights for every extra inch after making a catch. He is more dynamic than Nabers is and quite frankly, I would rather see Anderson stay on the team to take the fullback reps than simply keep Nabers around.

Of course, the Bolts should not be paying a premium for a fullback so that is going to have a big say in it. Nabers also seems to be one of Justin Herbert's closest friends on the team, which could have a small impact on the decision-making.

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But at the end of the day, Nabers really has not shown much in two seasons in a role that can be easily replaced.