3 rostered LA Chargers players who don't deserve another season in 2022

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Tevaughn Campbell, Brandon Staley
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1. Tevaughn Campbell

Tevaughn Campbell forced a pair of fumbles against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3 and it appeared that he could be on his way to a decent season after making his NFL debut with the Chargers the year prior. That is exactly the opposite of what Campbell was on his way towards as he was a consistent thorn in the Chargers' side.

Campbell was so bad in both coverage and in tackling for the Chargers but the team had to play him out of necessity. Not only was the secondary extremely thin, but it was constantly dealing with injuries that put Campbell in a role bigger than he should have.

Brandon Staley's defense thrives with a deep, versatile secondary and if the Chargers accomplish one thing on the defense side of the football this offseason it will probably be that. The Bolts need to add quality depth that can be moved around like chess pieces that keep Campbell off the field.

And quite frankly, the Chargers are probably better off giving Campbell's roster spot to someone younger with potential that could grow into a role. Believe it or not, Campell is going to turn 29 this summer despite only playing two years in the league.

It would be one thing if he was a young player with potential to grow. He isn't. At his age, he is who he is in the NFL and the Chargers should not expect him to magically turn it around in 2022 after being so bad in 2021.