LA Chargers: Derwin James, Keenan Allen disrespected in latest PFF rankings

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The LA Chargers have some holes on the roster that kept the team out of the playoffs but one thing is for certain: the Bolts have star power. Justin Herbert is one of the five best quarterbacks in the league, Derwin James is one of the best safeties, Joey Bosa is an elite edge rusher, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are a dynamic 1-2 punch, Austin Ekeler had 20 touchdowns and Rashawn Slater and Corey Linsley are two of the best players at their positions.

However, because of the lack of depth (and therefore lack of team success), the star players in LA oftentimes do not get the credit they deserve. Just look at how much love Joe Burrow (rightfully) received during the Bengals' Super Bowl run. Herbert deserves even more love for his play but he has not gotten to showcase it on the grand stage.

That was showcased in Pro Football Focus' latest rankings that ranked the top 101 players from the 2021 season. Justin Herbert ranked 25th in that ranking while Joe Burrow ranked sixth. And while that might seem really bad, that is not even the worst of it as far as the LA Chargers are concerned.

Derwin James and Keenan Allen were the LA Chargers who got disrespected the most.

Derwin James is unlike any other player in the league because of his elite versatility and his leadership ability on the LA Chargers. Keenan Allen has constantly been one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL. Neither got their shine in this ranking from PFF.

James checked in as the 99th-ranked player in the NFL while Keenan Allen was not ranked at all. You cannot tell me that there are 98 players who played better than Derwin James did in 2021 and that there were 101+ players that played better than Keenan Allen.

James should be in the 50s-60s range at the very least with how he played in 2021 while Allen should undoubtedly be in the list, likely in the 80s range. Instead, two of the best players at their positions did not get the recognition they deserve.

Heck, James may as well have not been on the list at all. As the article currently stands right now, James does not even have the analysis breakdown under his name. It is just the same breakdown as the player before him, Javon Hargrave.

And let's not get started on the receivers who made the cut before Keenan Allen. While I get it was a down year for Allen, it is hard to justify including Jaylen Waddle, Gabriel Davis, DK Metcalf and AJ Brown on the list before Allen. Brown missed five games!

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Maybe if the LA Chargers were able to take care of business down the stretch and at least make the playoffs then the players on the roster would have gotten the love they deserve.