3 things the LA Chargers must quickly clean up from Week 11 win over Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers
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3. The LA Chargers needs the secondary to step up

As far as I am concerned, there are two problems that the LA Chargers have in the secondary: Chris Harris and Tevaughn Campbell. Harris is at least somewhat serviceable if he is in the slot and can get help but if he is playing on the outside then it is an issue.

Campbell has just been downright bad. He played really well against the Kansas City Chiefs, showed some promise while guys were hurt but it has gone downhill fast. The Minnesota Vikings targeted Campbell time and time again in Week 10 and that was the story in this game as well.

Campbell started getting more reps once Asante Samuel Jr. got knocked out of the game with a concussion. This is already the second concussion in three weeks for Samuel and for his own health it might be best if he takes the rest of his rookie year off.

That means that Campbell is going to have to step up and give a better showing than he has given the last two weeks. You could see things flip once Campbell started playing more, whether it be with the Steelers targeting him, him missing tackles or his horrible pass interference penalty that we already mentioned.

Harris is going to have to be better as well but I have less optimism with him. He is in the latter stages of his career and we have seen this same song and dance with old cornerbacks before. He is not going to suddenly flip the script this late in his career.

Surprisingly enough, the defensive line played really well (it is time to have a conversation about who the team should actually be starting, particularly Jerry Tillery) and the defense played well in the first half.

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However, this team is not going to get very far with these kinds of defensive efforts and the secondary has to step up and live up to the potential that we know it has.