3 things the LA Chargers must quickly clean up from Week 11 win over Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers v Los Angeles Chargers
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2. The LA Chargers must improve on special teams

How many times have you read this before? Too many to count? Probably. The hope this season was that a brand-new coaching staff would elevate the special teams side of the football and that the LA Chargers could improve on having one of the worst special teams units of all time.

While they have improved, they have only improved because it is hard to get any worse than they were last year. The special teams side of the ball has been extremely underwhelming yet again and it is worth asking if Derius Swinton is the right man for the job.

That horrible blocked punt completely swung the game back into the Steelers' favor and if the Chargers were just able to get the punt off and force Pittsburgh to take time off the clock, even if they did score, that probably would have been it.

Momentum is a real thing in the NFL and nothing swings the momentum more than a huge special teams play, which the Chargers are seemingly never on the right side of and are always on the wrong side of.

While Swinton definitely deserves blame, we also have to look at who is playing on that side of the ball. Tom Telesco's late-round drafting has been really bad in his general manager career and those are the players who are meant to make a difference on special teams.

The Chargers roster is really thin and the first sign of that is poor special teams. It probably is not going to completely fix itself this season, but we have to start seeing some accountability because good teams have to be good in all three phases.