LA Chargers could hire one of these two head coaches on the hot seat if fired

Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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Vic Fangio
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1. Vic Fangio

The LA Chargers just steamrolled the Denver Broncos and it appears as if Vic Fangio's tenure as the head coach might be over. Fangio has not had much success as the head coach of the Denver Broncos despite the Broncos having a talented roster. Granted, Fangio has dealt with mediocre quarterbacks, but that is going to ultimately fall on him.

Plus, the Broncos are probably going to be in the market for either Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson in the offseason. It makes sense for the Broncos to go out and hire an offensive-minded coach that can work with one of the quarterbacks rather than keep Fangio around.

While Fangio has been pretty bad as a head coach, he is one of the best defensive minds in football. Everywhere where Fangio has coached the defense it has succeeded and that even includes the Denver Broncos. While that wasn't obvious on Sunday, the Broncos have consistently outperformed their talent level on the defensive side of the football.

Brandon Staley and Vic Fangio have a deep connection as well. Fangio was the one who gave Staley his first NFL coaching gig as he helped hire him as the outside linebackers coach with the Chicago Bears. If Fangio is let go, Staley is probably going to be the first one to call.

It is hard to see any other team offering Fangio a head coaching gig with how it went in Denver but he is such a respected defensive mind that he won't be out of the NFL altogether unless he retires. If there is one team that makes the most sense for Fangio, it is the Chargers because of his connection to Staley.