3 LA Chargers that should be benched for the rest of the season

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2. Joshua Kelley

Joshua Kelley could have had one of the worst moments of the entire season for the LA Chargers and was saved by Uchenna Nwosu. Kelley fumbled on a goal-line dive attempt against the Chiefs and turned the ball over. Luckily, Nwosu picked off Patrick Mahomes on a really good heads-up play and the fumble didn't really matter.

If the Chiefs would have driven down the field there and scored and the game did not even go to overtime then all of the blame would have been put on Kelley. Instead, people are talking more about Brandon Staley's decision to go for it on fourth-down so much.

While Kelley may have dodged a bullet, the coaching staff certainly remembers what happens and there really is no reason for him to get involved much more in the offense. Kelley already is not very impactful and that fumble at the goal-line should have been the nail in the coffin.

Larry Rountree has not been very good this season either but he at least showed us that he can score a touchdown on a goal-line carry (and not jump three yards early). The very limited number of RB3 snaps should probably go to Rountree.

However, the Bolts really do not need to give many snaps to the RB3 to end the season. While there will obviously be opportunities if there are any blowouts, the team should really just be game-planning for Austin Ekeler and Justin Jackson. Jackson played a really good game against the Chiefs and I would much rather see him get a higher snap count rather than giving the RB3 important snaps near the goal line.