LA Chargers: Why Austin Ekeler will be the best fantasy RB

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
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Joe Lombardi
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Michael Owens/Getty Images

2. The LA Chargers hired Joe Lombardi as the offensive coordinator

The Joe Lombardi hiring is now well-documented and most, if not all, Charger fans are familiar with the team's new offensive coordinator. I personally was wary of Lombardi when it first was announced but everything thereafter has created more faith in Lombardi.

The most important thing to consider when we are talking about Austin Ekeler's fantasy football value is the style of offense that Lombardi is coming from. Lombardi was the quarterbacks coach for the New Orleans Saints and has essentially learned everything he knows about the league from Sean Payton.

The Saints have deployed an offense that has been very favorable to running backs. Granted, part of this was out of necessity in later years as Drew Brees did not have the same arm strength but the running backs were always an integral part of the game plan.

The only running back that can lay claim to being a better route-runner and receiving back is Christian McCaffrey. Sorry to any Kamara fans out there, but Ekeler does have more talent in the passing game. Now just imagine the coaching Kamara has gotten with Ekeler's abilities.

There is also going to be a splash of the Kyle Shanahan power-zone running scheme, which also is going to help Ekeler when it comes to fantasy production. Ironically enough, the Chargers moved from a head coach that was obsessed with running the ball to one that is relying more on analytics and Ekeler might've still benefitted.