LA Chargers: What we learned about the AFC West on Sunday in Week 4

Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles / Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images

The LA Chargers were not in action on Sunday as their Week 4 matchup is on Monday Night Football against the 3-0 Las Vegas Raiders. However, both the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos played on Sunday and we still learned some things about the AFC West.

While it is still very early in the season, the AFC West is poised to be one of the best divisions in the league, perhaps only behind the NFC West.

A Chargers win on Monday night would clog up the division with the Chargers, Raiders and Broncos sitting at 3-1 and the Chiefs sitting at 2-2. While it would be a three-way tie for first, the Chargers would have the edge as they would be 2-0 against the division, which is huge this early on.

So what did the LA Chargers learn about the AFC West on Sunday?

1. The Kansas City Chiefs are not the same unbeatable juggernaut

The LA Chargers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 3, giving the Chiefs their first losing record since Patrick Mahomes took over under center. For the most part, people refused to overreact and acknowledge that there could be anything wrong with the Chiefs.

However, even though Kansas City won in Week 4, it revealed that the team does have some problems and that they are not the same insanely talented team from the last three seasons.

The Chiefs have a real defensive problem. The Philadelphia Eagles offense and Jalen Hurts have been pretty bad the last two weeks after torching the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1. Heck, even the Dallas Cowboys held the Eagles at bay and their defense is not good.

The Eagles were moving the ball in this game and dropped 30 points against the Chiefs. Yes, the Chiefs scored 42 for the win, but the Eagles' defense is also not very good. Dallas just did the exact same thing to them.

The fact of the matter is that Kansas City's defense might be worse than it's been over the last three years and the league has caught up to their offense. At their best, the Chiefs still have the best offense in the league but there is no longer this huge gap between them and everyone else.

Allowing the Eagles to score 30 points and Hurts to throw for almost 400 passing yards, even in a win, is not a good sign for the Chiefs.

2. The Denver Broncos are frauds

It does not help that Teddy Bridgewater got hurt and did not return for the second half but the Denver Broncos still showed their true colors against the Baltimore Ravens. While the Broncos are not a bad team, they certainly are not a team that should have been 3-0.

Many people pointed out the fact that the Broncos' opponents were 0-9 in the first three weeks but it did not matter. They still opened as favorites over the Ravens and for people that bet the Ravens (like myself), it felt like free money.

Baltimore didn't just win this game, they outclassed Denver. Denver's defense did keep it close against a Baltimore offense that has been hit-or-miss this year but the offense couldn't do much of anything against Baltimore.

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Even with Big Ben's arm practically falling off, the Broncos have a tough five-game stretch ahead of them that will likely continue to show their true colors.