LA Chargers: Power ranking the AFC West after Week 2 results

Dallas Cowboys v LA Chargers
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Patrick Mahomes
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1. Kansas City Chiefs (no movement)

Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs lost on primetime to the Baltimore Ravens, the same team that the Las Vegas Raiders beat a week prior. That does not matter. The Chiefs are still the best team in the division, conference and the league and it would take multiple losses to knock them off the top spot.

The Chiefs are at the point where they almost seem bored in the regular season. Patrick Mahomes knows how good he is and they do not need to treat every game like a do-or-die game.

While they obviously cared in this game, it was clear that Baltimore wanted it much more and that may have played a factor in the result. That being said, if Clyde Edwards-Helaire doesn't fumble at the end of the game then the Chiefs would have won and we would not even be having this conversation.

The one area that we could dissect is the defense as Kansas City continues to have a shoddy defense. While it helps that they have the best offense in the league, that defense is going to keep teams in games with the Chiefs and you never know what could happen. Look at Sunday night.

The Chiefs' floor is still 12 wins and a loss to the LA Chargers in Week 2 could start to loosen their firm grip atop the AFC West. If they somehow lost to the Chargers and Eagles before taking on Buffalo then they might be able to be ranked something other than no. 1.

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That is a massive if though, which showcases just how good KC is.