LA Chargers: Power ranking the AFC West after Week 2 results

Dallas Cowboys v LA Chargers
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Derek Carr
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2. Las Vegas Raiders (+2)

From top to bottom the Las Vegas Raiders had the least talented roster in the division heading into the season. While that could rear its ugly head as the season goes along, the fact of the matter is that the Raiders have played two really good football games in the first two weeks of the season.

The Raiders beat the Baltimore Ravens in overtime to open the season and then with a one-day rest disadvantage went on the road and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. While I am not the biggest believer of the Steelers as a whole, that is still a stout defense that held Josh Allen in Week 1 and will produce at least a winning football team.

That is two wins against two winning football teams. Sure, Baltimore is banged up and Big Ben is ancient but what other team in the league can actually say right now that they have two wins against two solid teams that will be over .500 at the end of the season?

The Broncos' two wins are against two of the five worst teams in the league. One of the 49ers' wins was against Detroit, the Rams' first win was against Chicago, the Buccaneers beat up on Atlanta and the Panthers have a win over the Jets.

The only team that maybe could make a case is Arizona, who beat Tennessee and Minnesota but even that is a stretch.

The Raiders have the two most impressive wins of the season and that has to be noticed. While I doubt they can maintain that over an entire season because of the lack of talented depth on the roster, after two weeks, they get the rub as the second-best team in the AFC West.