LA Chargers: AFC West power rankings after Week 4 results

Las Vegas Raiders v LA Chargers
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Patrick Mahomes
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2. Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs might be in last place in the AFC West but after what we saw in Week 4 it is impossible to rank them lower than the Raiders and Broncos. The Chiefs are off to a slow start which is unlike them but they are still a lock to make the postseason as long as Patrick Mahomes stays healthy and you cannot say that about the Raiders and Broncos.

While the Chiefs are still the Chiefs, they cannot rank first in this power rankings. The Chargers didn't just beat the Chiefs on a fluke win. They went to Arrowhead and took it to Kansas City to beat them. That was not a last-second miracle win. That was a close game that the Chargers closed on their terms.

That being said, the second game between the Chiefs and the Chargers at SoFi Stadium is still a toss-up. While the Chiefs were the favorites to win the Super Bowl before the year, it is not a stretch to say that the Chargers are on the same level as the Chiefs.

Plus, the Chiefs do not feel as unbeatable as they have in past years, for two reasons. First, this is probably the worst defense that the team has had since Patrick Mahomes became the starter. The Chiefs have allowed the second-most points per game this season, even allowing the Eagles to drop 30 on them.

Yes, they still won by double-digits, but the Eagles have struggled to move the football and even the Dallas defense kept them at bay. Jalen Hurts looked really good against the Chiefs and that is worrisome.

Not only is the defense the worst it has been since Mahomes took over QB duties but the offensive gap is not as large. At their best, the Chiefs are still the best offensive team in the league but there are multiple teams in the league that can now keep up with them; the LA Chargers being one of them.