LA Chargers: Ranking the offensive lines in the AFC West

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2. LA Chargers

The LA Chargers rank second on this list! As someone who has been super critical of what the Chargers have done with the offensive line in the past, I can assure you that there is no hometown bias here. The Chargers have the second-best offensive line in the AFC West.

That does not mean that the Chargers suddenly have this elite offensive line because this is not that. However, with how it is built in 2021, the Chargers should have an average offensive line at worst. As long as injuries don't ravage the team, of course.

There is potential for the Chargers to have an above-average offensive line and even sneak into the top dozen or so in the league. That all depends on Rashawn Slater's jump to the NFL and Bryan Bulaga staying healthy.

There is no doubt that Slater will put together a long career as a solid offensive lineman. The question is if there will be any sort of learning curve or if he will eventually have to move to guard instead of playing left tackle.

If healthy, Bulaga should give the Chargers an average-at-worst right tackle, which is perfectly fine. If he can somehow re-discover his Green Bay form then the Chargers would have a top-10 right tackle.

Corey Linsley should continue to be elite even if he is not the best center in the league next season. It would be extremely shocking if he is anything outside of the top five.

Matt Feiler is a sneaky solid signing that will give the Chargers a solid guard presence. He is not an elite guard by any means, nor even a Pro Bowler. But above-average? The Chargers can count on that.

The battle for the final guard spot is between Oday Aboushi and Brenden Jaimes and I feel good that one of those two will emerge to at least be serviceable. If average is your worst offensive lineman then you are doing something right.

Of course, there is disaster potential if Slater struggles and Bulaga/Linsley gets hurt. But you can say the same thing about every other offensive line in the league.