LA Chargers: What we learned about the AFC West in Week 7

Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans
Kansas City Chiefs v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages
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The LA Chargers were not in action in Week 7 as the team was instead recouping during the bye week with a 4-2 record. The Chargers enter a much easier second act of the schedule with a great chance to win the AFC West.

With the Chargers having a legitimate chance to win the division, every other AFC West game is important to watch. It's easy to forget about the rest of the division when you start with a 3-9 record. Not this season. There was plenty to learn from in Week 7.

What the LA Chargers learned about the rest of the AFC West in Week 7:

The Kansas City Chiefs are no longer the team to beat in the AFC West

The Kansas City Chiefs have had the worst start imaginable this season. Kansas City is off to a 3-4 start and is no longer this unbeatable juggernaut that they have been in recent years. The defense is the worst it has been since Patrick Mahomes took over and Mahomes, despite putting up good yardage and touchdowns, is not playing all that well.

I don't care what Chiefs fans have to say about Mahomes' yards and touchdown numbers. You can't say that he is playing like the best quarterback in the league right now when he has 11 turnovers in seven weeks.

With how the LA Chargers have played, they should now be considered the team to beat in the division. Of course, the Bolts still have to come out of the bye and execute for the rest of the season but it is going to be really hard for the Chiefs to catch the Chargers if they keep playing like this.