LA Chargers: The biggest weakness for each AFC West foe in 2022

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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The AFC West is loaded for the 2022 season and it is undoubtedly the best division in the entire NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs have made the AFC Championship Game four years in a row and the rest of the division is stockpiling talent from around the league.

The LA Chargers had the foundation with Justin Herbert and added star power in Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson to a roster that already had big star power. The Bolts also addressed the biggest need on the team by bringing in two quality run defenders in Sebastian Joseph-Day and Austin Johnson.

The Denver Broncos have been searching for a quarterback since Peyton Manning retired and the team finally got their guy in Russell Wilson. Denver traded for Wilson and in their minds, shored up the one roster hole that the team had last season.

Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Raiders have made one big addition to both sides of the ball as they signed Chandler Jones (albeit they overpaid for him) and traded for Davante Adams. You can an entire All-Pro team out of players from the AFC West and it is a real shame as the Chargers would probably dominate just about every other division in the sport.

Each of the LA Chargers' AFC West foes have a big weakness, though.

These three others teams are far from unbeatable and there are weaknesses that the Chargers can target when they play and can hope impact their overall record. The Bolts too have weaknesses, as right now the right side of the line is a weakness and the Chargers still need more depth.

However, I would genuinely argue that the Chargers' weaknesses are smaller than that of the other three teams. Let's dive into those weaknesses, starting with the Las Vegas Raiders.